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World Cup Fans
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Monday, 21 June 2010

The World Cup is great, yes even this one with those Vuvuzuela's and big European teams faltering but the World Cup is all about the fans, and the colour and excitement of the fans is definitely on show at this WC. MSN have done a great job putting some photos together from the games.

Massacre on the Taiga (GFLA)
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Friday, 04 June 2010


Massacre on the Taiga

The IRISH Warriors unbeaten season came to a shuddering end last weekend in a comprehensive and humbling defeat at Bratsk Snow Bears. Although Bratsk's defence was expected to apply intense pressure, their complete domination overwhelmed IRISH and shattered the resolve of the team as a whole.

The IRISH defence did well to defend the run but were burned badly by the pass several times as Chui broke away to inflate the scoreboard and possibly detonate IRISH's drive for Home Field Advantage.

Coach O'Farrell looked shaken but was humble in defeat, "Hats off to Bratsk, they showed today why they are one of the best teams in football. We were looking to step up this season and after today we have to realise that that step is big. It is a very humbling defeat we have taken today and we have to regroup and come out fighting next week. Thankfully it is a big rivalry game, visiting Glenbrook is always a game that IRISH players and staff are up for. But that is next week, and this week we have to recognise the sheer beating we took today. And I personally have to accept, I erred in bringing up Jamie against the run because we were exposed downfield as a result, and the consequence of that decision is I owe Coach Hill dinner at the draft."

Coach O'Farrell in sombre mood looking ahead to the battle with the Kings, and their pass rush. "Yes, another tough battle ahead with an experienced powerful pass rush, but thankfully they are not in Bratsk's league, but nobody are, it is not every week that you face pass pressure like that, and thank good for that."

Nike World Cup ad in Full
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Friday, 21 May 2010

Amazing ad by Nike for the World Cup, they are running this in sections on tv.

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