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Two Years & Happier
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Thursday, 01 October 2009

This week Rachel & I celebrated being together for two years.
Two years ago, Rachel came to visit me in London as a friend, and left as very much more. 16 months ago, Rach took the very brave decision to quit her job in Dungarvan and move to London, and we've being living together since. Rachel also celebrated one year in her job (school exams officer) on Tuesday as well. A very good week indeed.
I love Rachel and every day she makes me happy.

On Tuesday night we went to the o2 for Michael McIntyre stand up, he was very funny. Rachel said on facebook, that she almost puked she was laughing so hard (not sure how that is possible to be honest). Some new material that we've not seen on tv which was very good concerned hoovering technique and stupid things everyone does. Also there was one about Bank of Scotland (Ireland) that despite the terrible Irish accent was very funny.

Last night, our actual anniversary I took Rachel out.
First we went to the Langley restaurant near Covent Garden, it was a pleasant meal with good service in a hip location. They also had Happy Hour cocktails, so we had Mojito's.
After the meal, we walked back through Covent Garden to the Aldwych Theatre.
Because I was taking Rachel the musical of one of her favourite movies, Dirty Dancing. Rachel was thrilled that we were going to Dirty Dancing, and she was not let down by the production. The production was brilliant, with clever stage design & fabulously impressive dancing. The crowd waited with baited breath for the famous line before the big final dance sequence.

Spend Cuts Needed
Written by Brian   
Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The UK faces a huge deficit and all the major parties now recognise that they need to cut public spending to get this under control. Since none of them are willing to commit political suicide by favouring open clear (rather than stealth) taxes, it needs to be Public Spending cuts.

The first indication that Labour (the current government) are taking this need to reduce spending seriously came at the weekend when the Education secretary, Mr Ed Balls, spoke to the Sunday Times (1).

Social Reform - Back to Work
Written by Brian   
Monday, 21 September 2009

There are entire families in the UK that have nobody working. The children of parents who have never worked in the last twenty or thirty years do not have a work ethic. They are often referred to in the media as "The Lost Generation".

The current welfare system is not entirely encouraging for people to enter at the bottom of the work force.
If you are to take a job you lose all the other benefits as well as the dole within 4 weeks of starting work. You are entitled Help with housing costs (1) for four weeks, whilst the other benefits that last longer are not applicable to most teenagers as they relate to children & disability.

This can mean that in real terms you are actually earning less money by working rather than claiming the dole. I would like to see a change brought in where those on a low income to still gain some of the benefits whilst they stay under an income threshold, mainly free public transport.

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